How To Add Images To A WordPress Post

There are lots of good reasons to add photos to your blog and/or website.  The most obvious reason is that they make the content better.  After all, nobody wants to read through thousands of words of text without a few pictures to make it more entertaining--and many pictures can in fact enhance or explain the content that is being shown.  Another, equally compelling reason to add images, however? Content that features images does better in terms of SEO than content that relies entirely on text.  … [Read more...]

How to create your first WordPress post

Here is a quick guide on how to add your first wordpress post.Step 1: Find the posts menu area on the left side of your dashboard:Step 2: Click posts, and then "Add New":Step 3: You will now see a new page in the center of your screen with all of the fields required to create your new post: (click image to enlarge)Step 4: Fill in all the info from 1-5 (post title, post content, Categories, tags ,publish):Step 5: Publish your post:Once you hit publish your new post … [Read more...]

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