Help my blog sidebar/layout is messed up!

Here is a quick guide on what to look for in your sidebar/posts html code if all the sudden you have made a post, or added a sidebar widget and your layout is all messed up.From my past experiences i have seen this happen many times, it is always the same thing. Client copy/pasted some info from another page in the visual editor and so it added extra formatting that killed the sites layout.Ways you can prevent this is to use your own "ORIGINAL" content, or if you are copy/pasting, please … [Read more...]

WordPress Guides for Beginners

Here is a compiled list of some great guides/tutorials on WordPress, and how use it:You can start off with our WordPress Guides. WordPress.org CodexIntroduction to Blogging First Steps With WordPress WordPress Semantics WordPress Lessons New To WordPress - Where to Start WordPress MU and wordpress.com Writing Posts WordPress Blog Design and Layout HTML to XHTMLUsing WordPress Themes WordPress Theme List WordPress CSS Information and … [Read more...]

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