End Of The Year Update – RFE Hosting

We would like to thank all those that made this year a great success for us.

RFE Hosting went live to the public in Oct. Since then we have had many new clients, and connected with  many new potential clients.

Here is a list of all our Newest Clients for 2010:

  • Crazy About My BayBah – Blog Migration/Hosting
  • Food Stoned – Blog Migration/Hosting
  • FPIES – Site/Blog/Email Hosting
  • ILTSource.com – Blog Hosting
  • It’s A Tradition – Blog Migration/Hosting
  • Littleaton.com – Email/Blog hosting
  • Master Aviators – Email/Site Hosting
  • Not Quite Susie – Blog Migration/Hosting
  • Planet Earth Thrift – Email/Blog hosting
  • That’s My Cake – Site/Blog/Email Hosting
  • The Daily Blarg – Blog Migration/Hosting
  • Tocaloma – Site Hosting – Coming Early Jan 2011

We look forward to helping new clients get on the WordPress bandwagon.

This coming year for our New Year’s Resolution of 2011, our goal is to migrate/transfer 100 new blogs over to WordPress. I will be creating a tally on our site, and it will be made into a contest.

I will post about the details sometime in January.

Thank you again to all those that have made us a success, and we look forward to 2011 with all the awesomeness it brings.


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