RFE Site Additions

Over the past few months we have been updating a few areas of our site, and have added some new pages.

We have revamped and updated our Design Partners page, and have add a few new faces there:


The next area we updates was our list of awesome clients we host. I wanted to display how cool and well built a lot of the sites we host are, so created a dynamic list of the sites, and screenshots of the pages.


Please feel free to visit these new areas, and jump around the old parts as well.

Our Shared Web Hosting Plans – https://www.rfehosting.com/web_hosting.html

RFE Hosting Contact Page, With new LIVE CHAT feature – https://www.rfehosting.com/contact.html


RFE Reviews/Testimonials (will be adding more to this “soon” – https://www.rfehosting.com/reviews.php

Blogger 2 WordPress Migration Info – https://www.rfehosting.com/blogger_2_wordpress_transfer.html

And don’t forget to checkout our cool little RFE Hosting Video

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