8 Tips for Promoting A Company Website


Getting your website up and running smoothly is only the first half of the battle. Though getting this far certainly signifies a great deal of hard work and dedication, your new website will ultimately fail to meet its goals unless you continue working hard to promote it. Here are a few of the most important steps you can take in order to do just that.

  1. Social media. In case you haven’t noticed, social media is the place to be in today’s online world. Social media accounts are a near necessity in today’s market–and with a smart campaign, you can attract hundreds of visitors (read: potential customers) to your site.
  2. Social media advertizing. In addition to attracting “natural” social media traffic, you may wish to invest in social media ads (particularly Facebook advertising, the tried-and-true options for most industries.)
  3. Word of mouth. Connections between friends, families, professional contacts, and other acquaintances–sometimes jokingly referred to as “the original social network,” remain invaluable for promoting your new website. Be sure to recommend your site in-person to customers and clients–especially the regulars!
  4. Encourage sharing. Encouraging your customers, clients, and online contacts to share your website via internet and/or recommend it in person can also be effective–especially when a creative discount program or sweepstakes is involved!
  5. SEO. Ensuring that your website is search engine optimized with good keywords, quality content, and professional web design is the only way to ensure that those who look for you online find you.
  6. Harness the power of blogging. Speaking of SEO, a blog can boost your search engine rankings while also giving visitors a reason to keep coming back to your site. Moreover, it will open the possibility of writing guest blogs for other companies in the industry–as well as the possibility of accepting guest blogs. Both of these options are great promotional tools.
  7. Include your URL on business cards, letterheads, email signatures, promotional materials, and in any other location that could drive potential traffic to your site.
  8. Paid Advertising. Though this requires the largest investment, ROI on paid search engine advertising is generally high–especially when campaigns are well managed.

For more important tips for website owners, visit the RFE Hosting blog!

Changes to domain transfer policies coming in December


Last week, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization that effectively governs Internet infrastructure, announced an official date for a new policy regarding domain name transfers for all gTLDs (non-country code domains). The change will go into effect for all users on December 1, 2016. While six months may seem like a while from now, the policy will require some adjustments, so we wanted to give all of our customers, partners, and developers as much time to prepare as possible.
The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

ICANN is revising its Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) in an effort to reduce the risk of fraud and “domain hijacking.” It will now require domain name registrants to complete additional steps in order to confirm a transfer to another party. At the same time, it will also affect any domain name registrant making routine changes to their contact information. Here is a summary of the policy changes:

  • This policy comes into effect any time a gTLD domain registrant’s first name, last name, or email address is changed
  • Whenever a change is made, both the current registrant and the new registrant must confirm the change (even if those two are actually the same person or entity)
  • Both registrants will receive notification that the change is pending, and be given the ability to decline the change
  • After the change has been confirmed, the domain cannot be transferred to a new registrar for 60 days*

*ICANN does allow current registrants to opt-out of the 60-day transfer-lock period for domains transferred to new registrants. This does not change the requirement for both parties to approve the changes before they are applied.

If either the current or new registrant rejects the change, or if they fail to confirm the change within a certain time period (which RFE Hosting will set), then the transfer/change will be canceled, though the domain itself will not be suspended.

What this means for RFE Hosting end users:

  • Any time you change the first name, last name, or email address for a gTLD domain, you will receive an email to confirm the change. If you are transferring the domain to someone else, the new registrant will also have to confirm the change. If that change isn’t confirmed, the name or email address will stay the same.
  • Any time you confirm a change to the first name, last name, or email address for a gTLD domain, that domain will be locked into the same registrar for the next 60 days.

What RFE Hosting will be doing:

While this is a big change that will affect thousands of users every day, we’re committed to maintaining the stability, security, and compliance of the RFE Hosting Domain platform, and support our customers using the platform. We appreciate your patience as we continue working on the implementation of the policy up to the December 1st deadline.

RFE Hosting New Plans and Packages 2016

We at RFE Hosting are constantly improving our services and packages. We now offer SSD VPS Plans and Dedicated Hosting Packages.

Below is a glimpse of what those plans will offer: (We will be launching these new services on their own package pages soon.)

RFE Hosting SSD VPS Plan Pricing

Monthly Price$70$100$120$145
Order NowOrder NowOrder NowOrder Now
Yearly Price
(Save 10%)
CPU Processor2 Cores2 Cores4 Cores4 Cores
Guaranteed RAM2GB4GB6GB8GB
RAID-10 SSD Storage50GB100GB150GB200GB
Premium Bandwidth2TB3TB4TB5TB
Fully Managed*
Built-in DDoS Protection
Free Private SSL
Contact us for more info.
Order NowOrder NowOrder NowOrder Now

RFE Hosting Dedicated Server Pricing

(4x3.4GHz 8MB)
Xeon E3-1270v5
(4x3.6GHz 8MB)
2x Xeon E5-2430v2
(12x2.5GHz 15MB)
2x Xeon E5-2430v2
(12x2.5GHz 15MB)
8GB DDR4 RAM, Max 64GB8GB DDR4 RAM, Max 64GB8GB DDR4 RAM, Max 96GB16GB DDR4 RAM, Max 192GB
6.000 GB Data Transfer6.000 GB Data Transfer8.000 GB Data Transfer12.000 GB Data Transfer
256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage256GB SSD + 1TB SATA Storage
Max 2 Drives - no HW RAIDMax 4 Drives - HW RAID OPTIONALMax 4 Drives - HW RAID OPTIONALMax 4 Drives - HW RAID OPTIONAL
cPanel & WHM Control PanelcPanel & WHM Control PanelcPanel & WHM Control PanelcPanel & WHM Control Panel
Central (TX) Datacenter LocationCentral (TX) Datacenter LocationCentral (TX) Datacenter LocationCentral (TX) Datacenter Location

Please contact us if you have any questions about these services.

VPS Hosting Santa Upgrades – 2015

Managed VPS Hosting Plans

Affordable VPS Hosting Services for you or your business – Starting from $35


RFE Hosting’s Managed VPS Hosting packages are a cost effective substitute for shared/reseller hosting as well as Dedicated Servers with one major difference; VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers) give you the flexibility and power of a dedicated server, without its high price. VPS’s are excellent for high resource web applications that demand more than a shared environment can empower.

Monthly Price$35$45$55$70$85$105$130
Quarterly Price - (Save 5%)$105
Yearly Price - (Save 10%)$420
1024 MB
2 GB
2.25 GB
2.75 GB
3 GB
3.5 GB
3.75 GB
4.5 GB
4.75 GB
6 GB
6.25 GB
7.5 GB
8 GB
RAID-10 Disk Space25 GB70 GB
75 GB
80 GB
85 GB
100 GB
105 GB
120 GB
125 GB
150 GB
155 GB
175 GB
180 GB
Premium Bandwidth3000 GB6000 GB
7000 GB
8000 GB
9000 GB
10000 GB
11000 GB
12000 GB
13000 GB
14000 GB
15000 GB
16000 GB
17000 GB
Server SupportManagedManagedManagedManagedManagedManagedManaged
Fully Managed*
LocationsWest Coast
East Coast
Central (TX)
West Coast
East Coast
Central (TX)
West Coast
East Coast
Central (TX)
West Coast
East Coast
Central (TX)
West Coast
East Coast
Central (TX)
West Coast
East Coast
Central (TX)
West Coast
East Coast
Central (TX)

All our VPS plans come with the following features
Free and fast setup - Our average setup time is between 2-4 hours!
Free Migration Service - As long as control panels match, we take care of it.
Unlimited Domains - Add as many clients and domains as you like.
2 dedicated IP addresses - Create custom white-label nameservers for free.
Equal Share CPU - Benefit from the use of Powerful CPU's
CentOS Operating System - All VPS's come preinstalled with CentOS by default
Seamless upgrades from VPS to VPS - Upgrading has never been easier.
Fully OptimizedSecured - Out of the box we will secure and optimize your VPS.
Full Managed support - We support all VPS packages with a control panel.
Private nameservers - Choose and create your own white-label nameservers
99.9% network uptime guarantee - We will guarantee that your website stays online.
Root access / SSH - You have full administrator rights to your VPS.
Free Virtuozzo PowerPanel - Easy to use GUI for full control of VPS
Free 3rd party installations - If you need a forum etc. installed we will take care of it

Control Panels       
Parallels Plesk$5/mo$5/mo$5/mo$5/mo$5/mo$5/mo$5/mo
Add-ons/UpgradesFor more info on VPS Add-ons/Upgrades please click here.

Order your Managed VPS in our Texas or California Datacenter!
Monthly Price$40$50$60$75$90$110$135

RFE Hosting November Giveaway

As you have heard we are doing monthly giveaways.

So starting this month we will be giving away a Amazon Fire Tablet!

The giveaway starts at 12pm Mountain time.

See below for more info.

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