SEO Beginners Tips to Get Started


SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) can be overwhelming. There are entire companies dedicated to maximizing SEO for websites all over the internet. There is a lot to know, but for those ‘DIYers’ that are trying to get started in the world of SEO here are some great tips to set your website up for success:

Monitor Your Efforts

You can do everything just right or be doing everything wrong. You won’t know what SEO efforts are working unless you have a way to monitor your success. Make sure to take advantage of free online tools like Google’s Toolbar to find out what is working best for your website. Other awesome tools like NewRelic and Site24X7 great ways to keep an eye on how healthy your website traffic is.

Know and Use Your Keywords

Make sure you know what keywords work best with your industry and the words that are going to bring people to your website when they type them into search engines. Once you know what those keywords are, make sure you work them in throughout your website for the best results. Name your pages, titles, and pictures using these keywords and try to work them in throughout the text on your website. Make sure that you do it tastefully, however. Spamming your own website with unnecessarily placed keywords might make it show up a little higher in search engines, but will be difficult to read and unattractive to customers.

Use Searchable Phrases

While keywords are super important, don’t underestimate the power of searchable phrases as well. Try to use phrases that you would type into the search bar to find information about your industry. Use locations, city names, and other specific identifiers to help lead people to the information you are trying to show them.

Add a Blog

Blogs are one of the greatest tools any website can have for the SEO arsenal. Providing fresh, new, quality content gives your customers a reason to visit your website and makes sure search engines know that your site is not only relevant but a site to watch.

Link Yourself

One of the easiest ways to help your search engine rankings is to link back to pages on your own website. This is another reason why blogs are so helpful for SEO for websites; they give you things to link back to on your own site! Just like with keywords, don’t over do it to ensure you don’t annoy the customers visiting your website.

Keep Your Website SEO Friendly

While Flash based websites are beautiful and ‘flashy’, remember that the search engine ‘crawlers’ (the parts that actually gather information about your website to know how and where to show it to people looking for information related to your content) can’t read beautiful images and video. Crawlers can see and read text, so make sure that your website design doesn’t underestimate the power of the good old fashion ‘word’.

Don’t Forget to Submit Your Website

While the process can still take a few weeks, it’s important to submit your website to the major search engines. The process isn’t difficult; simply fill out the easy to use web form for Google and Bing (or any other search engine that you find will be beneficial).

SEO Beginners Tips to Get Started
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SEO Beginners Tips to Get Started
SEO Beginners Tips - SEO can be overwhelming. There are entire companies dedicated to maximizing SEO for websites all over the internet.
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