3 Important Decisions All Business Owners Must Make About Starting A Website

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Whether you’re a new business looking to introduce yourself with a killer webpage, or a more established business hoping to finally break in to the online scene, building a website for your company can be both exciting, fulfilling, and…bewildering. There are so many choices to be made along the way that it becomes easy to lose sight of the prize. With a discipline, focus, and a bit of optimism, however, it is possible to get through the process and arrive at that rewarding day when you finally launch. Here are 3 decisions that you can expect to make along the journey.

  1. Marketing and information vs. Direct e-commerce. One of the principle classifications that you’ll want to make for your website before you even get started is whether or not you’ll be performing e-commerce through your site. If you do plan on selling items directly through your site, that will influence a lot of your site’s design and infrastructure—you’ll want a page that encourages sales and that is equipped with security features such as SSL encryption. If your page is not an e-commerce website, on the other hand, you’ll probably be focused more on giving your customers/clients valuable information about your industry and marketing your physical location.
  2. Building it Yourself vs. Hiring Help. Once you have a clear vision of what your website is going to be, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty details of actually building it. With a plethora of web-building services available, an increasing number of businesses are now hiring professionals to build their websites. Don’t be sold too easily, however—using WordPress is easier than you might imagine, and it can be both personally and financially rewarding to build your own website.
  3. Choosing a Hosting Service. Hosting services matter. Picking the best hosting service with great customer service, minimal down time, and world-class technology is an indispensable part of building a successful website. Contact RFE Hosting today for more information on how we can help you reach your clients and customers online!

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