How to add comment numbering to your blog posts using Genesis

Here is a quick guide on how to add comment numbering to your WordPress posts if you are using a StudioPress/Genesis Theme.

Step 1: Download, install, and activate¬† “Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering” Plugin

Step 2: Go to Appearance > Editor > Find functions.php, and add the following code to the file:

add_action ('genesis_before_comment', 'child_numbered_comments');
function child_numbered_comments () {
if (function_exists('gtcn_comment_numbering'))
echo gtcn_comment_numbering($comment->comment_ID, $args);

Here is an example:

Once you have done all that, you should now have all your comments on all your posts numbered.


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  1. Hi! I tried to add this to my blog but it’s not showing up. Where do I see that the comments are numbered? In the actual post or just in my dashboard? Maybe I didn’t cut and paste it into the right area but my .php file did not look the same as the example above. This would help simplify and giveaway and i’d like to have it set up. Thanks for your help!

  2. Worked great for the Brunch Pro theme! Thanks RFE!

  3. Works for me, Thanks

  4. Mubasshir Rahman says:

    Thanks It works like a magic to my wordpress

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