Important RFE Shared Server Updates

This is just a quick update to those clients that do not check their email, but for some reason read our blog or check our Facebook/Twitter pages.

Over the last year we have been sending out an email or 2 each month, asking and reminding all clients to check their domains hosted on our shared hosting servers to make sure the nameservers set for those domains are correct based on the server you are hosted on.

It was finally time to pull the plug and retired the old servers, but there are still a few that either ignored us, or didn’t get the emails for some odd reason.

So this is a final reminder before your site stops working.

Please check all your domains hosted on your account with us, and make sure they are using the nameservers below based on the server your account is hosted on.

  1. ns1.rfehost.com
  2. ns2.rfehost.com
  3. ns3.rfehost.com
  4. ns4.rfehost.com

You can test your domain buy using the link below, if it shows either of the nameservers above, then you are fine. If it is our old “rfehosting.com” servers, then please update ASAP:

If your site is having issues, please contact us ASAP via live chat, or a support ticket and we will assist you in getting it resolved as fast as possible

As usual thank you for using RFE Hosting.


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