What are the Top WordPress SEO Plugins?

Top WordPress SEO Plugins:

WordPress is a popular blogging platform utilized by numerous website owners. It boasts of helpful characteristics that make websites user-friendly and pleasant. One more great fact about WordPress is that it has many plugins that you can bring into play for search engine optimization.

Plugins are extremely helpful tools for those who are not into website development and hardcore programming. There are countless plugins existing for the optimization process but you should pick best one that can be valuable for your website. Listed below are some of the top WordPress SEO plugins:

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin
Yoast is laden with features that can positively help any website holder. Its feature list is comprised of page analysis, webmaster tools authentication, breadcrumbs, snippets, xml website mapping, RSS optimization and social integration. You will discover that its preview window is incredibly valuable as it permits you to have an idea of how your post or page will become visible in the search results. In addition to this, Yoast plugin also analyses the page in which you are capable of checking the length of your posts, you can also check whether your descriptions are written well or not and you can go through several other features. This plugin is free of cost. Some website owners do not consider it essential to set up additional plugins if they have Yoast.

All-In-One SEO Plugin
All-in-one SEO plugin is also known as AIO. It is also one of the well-liked plugins because of the ease-of-use and superb functionality. This is an great plugin for learners who have less knowledge about modifying websites. Moreover, if you are a skilled user, you can customize settings further while using this plugin.

XML SiteMap Creation Plugins:

Google XML Sitemap Plugin
You need to install this plugin only once and afterwards; it carries out its job on its own. It creates xml sitemaps, which permits the search engines to obtain additional “map” on how your site is laid out which allows the search engines to index your site quicker. You can use this plugin for almost all post and page types produced by WordPress.


There are countless additional plugins accessible for WordPress but Yoast is considered as the best among different plugins. Out of these plugins, some are developed for experienced users who wish to have complicated customizations on their websites.

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