RFE’s Quick HTML Guide

Today’s Daily Internet Tip is about HTML, and how to use it.

So i thought today id focus on helping those that need it get help on learning HTML.

HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTML is what websites are written in, its the building block of the internet.

For many years i have been building/customizing websites and have had the opportunity to learn alot about how HTML works. Just the past couple years i have finally started to understand it, and really get into it.

I remember when i was in Middle School and i was in a Technology class. We had a project that i don’t remember all the details but for my project i chose to create a web page.

I had no idea how or what to do, so i looked around the Interweb and found a few great guides on learning HTML.

Here are a few of my favorite sites on learning HTML:

  1. w3schools
  2. htmlgoodies

I still use both those sites today, they are a very good reference, and id suggest them to anyone that wants to learn HTML, or wants to better their skills.

Here are a few examples on some HTML code with what they do.
How to create links:

First here is the link, or Anchor code: <a href=”link”>Link Name</a>.
And here is a link in action:
And the code for this link:
<a title=”RFEHosting” href=”http://www.RFEHosting.com” target=”_blank”>RFEHosting.com</a>

“<a” is your starting tag, its the “Anchor” tag.
“Href” is the reference tag, meaning what you linking to.

The “title” tag creates text that will display when you mouse over the link.

“Target” is the target the link will go, some options for its values are:

  • "_blank" <-- Most popular, opens the link in a new window/tab
  • "_parent"
  • "_self"
  • "_top"

Then you close the link by using the “>”, then you name your link, And fully close it using </a>.

How to insert images.

Here is the basic syntax for inserting images into a webpage:

<img src=”imagelink” alt=”” title=”” />

Then here is a example of its usage:
RFEHOSting Logo

<img title=”RFEHosting” src=”https://rfehosting.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/logo.png” alt=”RFEHOSting Logo” />

“<img” is your opening code to start inserting a link into a webpage.

The “title” tag creates text that will display when you mouse over the image .

“src” is the source location of the image.

“alt” is alternate text that describes the image.

Then you close the image with “/>”

Links and images are the most used HTML tags, they are used on pretty much every single page on the internet.

Here are some links of some “Cheat Sheets” for HTML:

HTML Characters

That ends this internet tip, till next time.

If you have any questions,comments or other guides that could help, please feel free to comment and leave links.


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