Help my blog sidebar/layout is messed up!

Here is a quick guide on what to look for in your sidebar/posts html code if all the sudden you have made a post, or added a sidebar widget and your layout is all messed up.

From my past experiences i have seen this happen many times, it is always the same thing. Client copy/pasted some info from another page in the visual editor and so it added extra formatting that killed the sites layout.

Ways you can prevent this is to use your own “ORIGINAL” content, or if you are copy/pasting, please take a look at your html tab, or your widget html code after the fact and make sure there is no extra html code that will change your layout. Or do it manually and add the links,images yourself.

Here is a guide that can explain how to create links and add images using html.

So to fix the problem if it has happened to you, this is what you look for if it has happened to you:

Double </div> tags is the #1 cause of this issue. So you need to look in your html coding for your posts,widgets and make sure all tags have a opening and closing tag.  If you go through the code, and find it looks like this:


And if one of them is not matching up with a partner, then that would be your problem.

My recommendation is to always use your own unique content as you get ranked better if it is, but if you have to use someone else’s then make sure you check its code for extra coding.


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