Does Your Hosting Company Offer An Uptime Guarantee?


If you’re new to the search for an internet hosting provider, one term you will quickly become familiar with is uptime. Fortunately, (unlike some computer industry jargon), the name uptime is actually more or less self-explanatory: it refers to the percentage of time that a computer is operational.

In hosting, therefore, uptime is critical. Imagine if a website were hosted by a computer that was only operational 50% of the time! That website would surely miss out on a great deal of traffic—and it would be extremely unlikely to develop any long-term, loyal visitors. A website that had 100% uptime, on the other hand, would be poised for success. Fortunately, the industry average is far closer to the latter number than the former: in fact, every respectable server on the market offers an uptime over 99%.

Though it may sound knit picky, however, even the decimals are important. A website that is down 1% of the time can, in fact, lead to quite a bit of lost traffic. That’s why some hosting providers are now beginning to offer uptime guarantees. This guarantee offers clients a certain level of tranquility: they know that their hosting service has a real stake in making sure uptime is as high as possible.

Here at RFE Hosting, we believe in offering an uptime guarantee because we believe in our clients. Our business is built upon the philosophy that long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships are the only way to achieve long-term success—which is why we offer one of the best uptime guarantees in the industry. Any month in which a client averages an uptime lower than 99.9% will entitle that client to a refund—ranging from 10% (for a 99.8% uptime) to 100% (for a 99.0% uptime.) Our average is, in fact, much higher than any of those numbers—coming in at an impressive 99.996%.

If you are interested in world-class hosting solutions, contact RFE hosting today for a free consultation!

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