What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source (free) content management system (CMS) that is very dynamic and used more often for publishing blogs. It is used by about 15% of the one million biggest websites. Released 2003, it has been downloaded over 32 million times since its initial release.

One reason WordPress is popular because of its web template system. Users can re-arrange the templates without bothering to edit the PHP or HTML code. They can switch themes easily and edit the code for more advanced customization. It’s a search engine-friendly, clean permalink (a URL that points to a specific page)  structure that bloggers and website owners alike find very suitable and easily.

WordPress supports tagging of articles and postings, which make it ideal for sites that want to optimize their search engine rankings. It includes habitual filters that do things like converting regular quotes to smart quotes. so that visitors can click those words and travel to another website for related content. It also a greater plug-in architecture that allows you to add features beyond its basic capabilities of WordPress. There are thousands of plug-ins, themes and widgets available that enable users to do nearly anything they wish with their blogs or website.

The designs of WordPress are theme based, made of imagery and webpage layouts to make it easy to customize the feel and look of the site. You can use a pre-existing theme with a new page layout imported from another application. You don’t have to know HTML or any other code and the editing interface is simple to use.

WordPress is very similar in procedure to a word processor. It can be configured to grant access to others on limited or all levels so that people can contribute to your website or blog. This is one reason it is so popular with bloggers, as it allows for recurrent updating and lets people subscribe to the site’s content using RSS. Search engines love fresh content and by allowing others to contribute or comment on your site you optimize your search engine rankings. WordPress also allows you to receive and take action to comments from readers.  In nature, this attribute makes a blog or website very topical and exciting.

WordPress’ interface is web-based so you can generate and edit pages from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Professional bloggers on the go, members of the media, politicians and others all use WordPress for this reason. It is accessible to them nearly globally, allowing them to update their sites or blogs instantly instead of waiting to return home or to their office. WordPress plug-ins includes the latest Twitter tools too.

Once you download WordPress and set up your account you can explore all the options and features offered. You can play around with the set up and expression of your site then get started. Blogging and maintaining a website with WordPress is so simple that beginners will love it but thousands of professionals are grateful for its effortlessness and variety of tools and options, too.

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