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Genesis is Search Engine Optimized

You put a lot into your site – you want to make sure that you’re ranking well in the search engines so readers, customers, and clients can find you. And clean, optimized code + smart design architecture is important for achieving the best rankings possible.

In addition, Genesis now supports Schema.org code, which allows you to output microdata in your site’s code. This enhances your site’s search engine optimization even further — as does Google Authorship identification, which Genesis makes incredibly simple. The Genesis Framework has always handled the basics of good SEO for you, like lightweight code for fast performance, and now it’s even better.

Our themes have been fully search optimized by Greg Boser, search engine optimization pioneer and industry expert. With automatic updates to the Genesis Framework, you never have to think about it again. Your code will always be up to date and fully optimized.

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Genesis Delivers Responsive Turnkey Designs Built On HTML5

You want sleek, professional design — without paying a fortune for it and without fearing instant obsolescence. Genesis’ turnkey designs give you an array of beautiful frames for your content built on HTML5.

How does HTML5 enhance your site? First, it’s the new code standard, which will make your site compatible with future changes to the web. Secondly, it will ensure cross-browser compatibility. HTML5 makes your site mobile-friendly by being responsive, and it will improve your site’s ability to deliver audio and video. And it’s completely extensible — want your site to behave like an app? Go for it. Simply put, HTML5 is your site’s ticket to a truly state-of-the-art design.

And of course, we’re constantly crafting beautiful new themes to add to your design options.

The way your site looks can be instantly updated by what’s called a child theme, while all of the SEO benefits and core Genesis functionality remain untouched. That means that changing the look of your site is a snap — and you don’t need a designer or developer to do it. You could radically change the look of your site every week if you wanted to, and you’d never hurt your search engine rankings … because your design functions are kept completely separate from the core code.

And if you decide to pick up our StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package, you’ll get access to all of the child themes we offer now AND every child theme we create in the future … at no additional cost.

Genesis Gives You Unlimited Everything

You get unlimited support. Unlimited updates. Unlimited websites. There’s no “Developer Option” here. One low price entitles you to unlimited support, updates, and domains you can build on. If you’ve got multiple websites (or client projects), Genesis offers unparalleled value.

And when you want answers to questions about your site, you want them now. That’s why we give you lifetime access to our world-class support team and community forum. Our team consists of product experts who provide solutions and help to our 93,000+ members. We’re here today and tomorrow, whenever you have a question.

Genesis Gives You State-of-the-Art, Airtight Security

WordPress sites can be vulnerable to those who want to take your site down or exploit it for malicious reasons. Having your site hacked is an expensive, time-consuming hassle — and it can really damage your reputation.

We brought security expert and core WordPress developer Mark Jaquith in to make sure the Genesis Framework has the best security possible. With his guidance, we built our framework to follow all WordPress security best practices.

Genesis Lets You Update Your Site Instantly

Many sites are hacked (or just don’t use WordPress to the fullest) because they have not been updated. And site owners don’t update because sometimes it can feel pretty complicated. Many WordPress users have spent hours or even days fixing a problem created by updating.

But we make updating to the current version of WordPress and Genesis a snap. Everything is integrated, so you don’t have to call your developer. We test all updates thoroughly, so you’re not playing guinea pig. Just click the button and you’re done.

If you’ve got multiple sites, you will love the way that the framework works with our turnkey child theme designs to keep the look of your site exactly the way you want it while letting you quickly update the important code that runs in the background.

Genesis Makes Site Customization Easy … Without Sacrificing Speed

Genesis offers features to make it simple to set up your site exactly the way you want it. And if you change your mind later, you’re just a few clicks away from creating new sections and functions. But unlike other frameworks, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for options.

Nothing slows down a site like bloated code, but we obsess about making Genesis cleaner and more lightweight. Web page load times are usually discussed in seconds, but page load times for sites built on Genesis can often be measured and discussed in milliseconds. And in 2014, that’s an essential difference.

Find out even more about Genesis offers: click here to read the full article.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source (free) content management system (CMS) that is very dynamic and used more often for publishing blogs. It is used by about 15% of the one million biggest websites. Released 2003, it has been downloaded over 32 million times since its initial release.

One reason WordPress is popular because of its web template system. Users can re-arrange the templates without bothering to edit the PHP or HTML code. They can switch themes easily and edit the code for more advanced customization. It’s a search engine-friendly, clean permalink (a URL that points to a specific page)  structure that bloggers and website owners alike find very suitable and easily.

WordPress supports tagging of articles and postings, which make it ideal for sites that want to optimize their search engine rankings. It includes habitual filters that do things like converting regular quotes to smart quotes. so that visitors can click those words and travel to another website for related content. It also a greater plug-in architecture that allows you to add features beyond its basic capabilities of WordPress. There are thousands of plug-ins, themes and widgets available that enable users to do nearly anything they wish with their blogs or website.

The designs of WordPress are theme based, made of imagery and webpage layouts to make it easy to customize the feel and look of the site. You can use a pre-existing theme with a new page layout imported from another application. You don’t have to know HTML or any other code and the editing interface is simple to use.

WordPress is very similar in procedure to a word processor. It can be configured to grant access to others on limited or all levels so that people can contribute to your website or blog. This is one reason it is so popular with bloggers, as it allows for recurrent updating and lets people subscribe to the site’s content using RSS. Search engines love fresh content and by allowing others to contribute or comment on your site you optimize your search engine rankings. WordPress also allows you to receive and take action to comments from readers.  In nature, this attribute makes a blog or website very topical and exciting.

WordPress’ interface is web-based so you can generate and edit pages from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Professional bloggers on the go, members of the media, politicians and others all use WordPress for this reason. It is accessible to them nearly globally, allowing them to update their sites or blogs instantly instead of waiting to return home or to their office. WordPress plug-ins includes the latest Twitter tools too.

Once you download WordPress and set up your account you can explore all the options and features offered. You can play around with the set up and expression of your site then get started. Blogging and maintaining a website with WordPress is so simple that beginners will love it but thousands of professionals are grateful for its effortlessness and variety of tools and options, too.

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