6 Web Design Tips That All Small Businesses Should Consider


Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. SEO, conversions, bounce rates, and a number of other important metrics can all be affected by very simple components of your website. Here’s how you can get things right:

  1. Use a professional logo that links to homepage. This is a hallmark of virtually every well-constructed website. It will help build trust among visitors while making your website easier to use.
  2. Offer easy and intuitive navigation. The easier it is to get around your website, the faster visitors will find what they are looking for (and, hopefully, make the decision to make a purchase or sign up for your mailing list.)
  3. Reduce website clutter. Sidebars, excessive advertising, and even multiple columns of text can result in a stressful and unproductive visitor session.
  4. Write short paragraphs. Internet paragraphs are typically far shorter than the paragraphs you might find in books or even newspapers–and for good reason! Short paragraphs are far easier on the eyes (especially for mobile users) and thus make for a more pleasant experience.
  5. Use colors strategically. Keep your website colors mostly neutral–and if you do decide to use bright, bold colors, use them in the places where you truly wish to draw attention.
  6. Take original photography. There’s nothing wrong with a well-placed stock photo or two, but make sure your visitors know that you’re willing to invest the time and effort into taking original photos that really show off your business, your products, and your services.

Bonus tip: Quality Hosting. Sometimes, the infrastructure of your website matters even more than the superficial design. By investing in a quality web host, you can guarantee that your website works smoothly and gives off the best first impression possible.

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