4 Security Tips for Website Owners and Administrators

Web Security

Though it may not be as glamorous as driving traffic or boosting sales, website security is ultimately one of the most important investments that website owners and administrators can make. After all, a breach in security could cause sensitive data to be compromised while endangering both funds and reputations. The measures needed to boost online security are generally simple–and when they are ignored, it is usually due the perception that web security is difficult to attain, or the equally erroneous “it could never happen to me” mentality. That is precisely why learning about the basics of website security is so valuable. Here are 6 things that all website owners and administrators should keep in mind.

  1. Don’t Delay on Security Updates. A great deal of modern hacking is automated: malicious bots scan and scour the web looking to exploit weaknesses. Most updates to software and plugins (including most WordPress updates) are direct responses to newly discovered weaknesses and newly circumvented security measures. Postponing security updates increases your chances of being compromised.
  2. Use Strong Passwords. This tip is the hallmark of virtually every cyber security article on the web today–and the reason you keep seeing it in everything you read is because countless people continue using 123456 to protect extremely sensitive information. Ensure that your passwords are long, complex, and unique–or risk paying the consequences!
  3. Backups matter. Whether due to a malicious security compromise or a failure in software or hardware, the loss of data can be a financially (and emotionally) frustrating experience. Make sure that you frequently back up your online data–and, if possible, make sure that your hosting service automates the process.
  4. SSL Certificates. It bears emphasizing: SSL certificates are not a panacea for security issues. However, they are a true necessity for any website that performs e-commerce: make sure your hosting service offers the possibility of encryption.

Hosting counts when it comes to security. Choose a company you can trust–RFE Hosting can help get you started today.

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