6 Ways To Increase Conversions



Owning a professional website for your business offers a lot of benefits–beginning with the simple fact that it allows your presence to be seen and felt in the online world, thus establishing credibility for potential customers and clients. Ultimately, though, most websites are about more than just presence: what business owners are really after are conversions.

What exactly a conversion means for you might vary. It could mean pulling off an online sale, or it could be as simple as just getting a visitor to sign up for your e-newsletter. Whatever the case may be, the fundamentals of conversion are generally the same: visitor arrives to your site; you must convince him/her to take a certain action before leaving. In today’s data-driven world, the art of conversions has become, in many ways, a science. Here are a few tried and true methods that can help boost your conversion rate.

  1. Make sure you site loads quickly. People are extremely impatient, and if ultra hi-res photos or other similar factors are causing slow loading times, visitors are far more likely to get bored and find what they are looking for elsewhere.
  2. Write good titles. Titles that are too generic and/or too long can also bore away the more fickle of visitors.
  3. Don’t use home as landing page for ads. Instead, have a dedicated landing page that targets the exact people who click on your ads and “streamlines” them to conversion.
  4. Use less fields. Whether its for a purchase or a mailing list, you’re almost always going to need to solicit some information from your visitors. It’s important to prioritize, though: the more fields you ask for in your form, the more likely visitors are to change their minds, get uncomfortable with a question, or–the old classic–get bored and leave to a different website.
  5. Customer testimonials. “Social proof” is real. Showing off all those glowing reviews by former customers and clients can really set a visitor’s mind at ease and encourage them to convert.
  6. Offer a privacy statement. Let your customers know you don’t plan on giving away or selling their information.

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