Constructing the Perfect Business Email


Email is the most common form of communication in the business world, yet many professionals still struggle to write emails suited for the workplace. If you find yourself unsure of your writing abilities, continue reading for some tips on constructing the perfect business email.

  1. Use a personalized email address

A personalized email address is simply one that is directly tied to your company, as opposed to an email address with its name tied to one of the major sites Gmail, Yahoo, etc. A personalized email is important because it clearly identifies you as a member of your company to the recipient of your email. Because your are a clear member of your company, you’re likely to be

taken more seriously.

  1. Have a clear subject line

You want your subject to be concise so that the recipient of your email can quickly determine the content and urgency of your email. An email with a long subject line, no subject line, or a subject line recycled from an older email has a better chance of being neglected by the reader.

  1. Build your email around around its recipient

The language you use in an email is often determined by who it’s being sent to. You may use a different tone to message your co-worker than you would your boss. It might also be wise to think about the cultural background of the person you are emailing. Different cultures have different ways of doing business, and so you should plan accordingly to cater to their expectations. It can be as easy as being more personable or more reserved in your message.

  1. Avoid slang and exclamation points

What was intended to be friendliness can easily be interpreted as you not taking your reader seriously. The use of slang reflects poorly upon you as a professional, and is actually a far less efficient way of communicating. In the same vein, the use of too many exclamation point can make you come across as emotional and juvenile. Remember that your mood in the email cannot be assumed by the reader, so you must create a clear one through your writing.

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