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RFE Hosting offers features to host your online web applications or website with ease. Our services are tailored to experienced server admins and/or webmasters who are not afraid of the command line interface. With our Unmanaged VPS Services we offer a cheap and very adjustable platform for all your hosting needs. We can grow with you without any hassle.

Monthly Price$11.99$18.99$30.99$52.99$79.99
Yearly Price
(Save 10%)
Dedi RAM256 MB512 MB1 GB2 GB4 GB
Burst Ram512 MB1 GB2.5 GB4.5 GB8 GB
CPU*1 core2 cores4 cores6 cores8 cores
Disk Space10 GB30 GB50 GB75 GB100 GB
Bandwidth500 GB1000 GB2000 GB3500 GB5000 GB
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What’s included?

We’ve got all the bells and whistles to get you started right away. Your OpenVZ Powered VPS is provisioned with an OS image of your choice and is deployed with basic command line interface or the option of the industry leading cPanel control panel. All Supermicro servers are custom built and contain at least 24 cores, Enterprise grade components, RAID 10 technology for redundancy, and are housed in a state of the art datacenter featuring high quality bandwidth for optimal speeds. See the feature lists below for a more detailed overview. Please also read our Support Coverage before you buy!

  • Crazy fast servers – By utilizing enterprise grade servers all custom built from the ground up, you will receive the best bang for your buck at RFE Hosting!
  • More RAM. And then some… – Each server is provisioned with the minimum of 256 MB’s of Dedicated RAM RAM with Burst RAM up to 512 MB’s and you can easily upgrade as needed. You have the flexibility you’ve always desired with all VPS’s we offer.
  • Solusvm making your life easier – All our OpenVZ VPS’s come FREE with an easy to use GUI for remote reboots, monitoring, OS Reinstalls, and more. For screenshots see here.
  • Bandwidth Blend – We are connected to a blend of Level 3, Savvis, Global Crossing, Tinet, Abovenet and Limelight CDN networks, for optimal performance and connectivity!
  • Enterprise Grade Network – We provision every server inside our new state of the art datacenter. Zoooom your data up and down lightning fast, even during peak hours, worldwide!
  • Datacenter – We utilize the ultra highly secured net2EZ IAD 3 Data Center.
  • Wide variety of Operating Systems – We don’t limit you in your choice of Operating System. Nearly all Linux blends are available, including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo.
  • OpenVZ & SolusVM are your friends – We provision every server with OpenVZ Technology coupled with SolusVM and your choice of no control panel or the industry leading control panel cPanel / WHM
  • Easy upgrades/downgrades – Our system allows for easy and seamless upgrades or downgrades without any downtime. Add RAM, Hard disk space or bandwidth with ease!

Support Coverage

RFE Hosting offers Self-Managed OpenVZ-based VPS hosting solution that is designed for web hosting professionals, seasoned server administrators and experienced webmasters. In general we offer services to people who are familiar with Linux operating system, Linux tools and services and their configuration.

While you are responsible for management of your own VPS our team of seasoned professionals is working non-stop behind the scenes to make sure that all our physical hardware and network is and up running and is performing in the most optimal way.

What is covered by RFE Hosting support:

  • Problems with network access. Please feel free to open a ticket with us if you are absolutely unable to reach your VPS and your VPS control center. We cannot help if your VPS is overdue or suspended for TOS/AUP violation;
  • Problems with the physical hardware. We do monitor all our physical hardware and network from using remote monitoring services. So, in the event of hardware failure we’ll know about it right away and will immediately start working on the problem. Please check our Facebook or Twitter pages to see status of the current issue. If you suspect that there is a hardware related issue and you don’t see any status notifications on our social network pages, please create a ticket with our support team so we can verify status of the physical server where your VPS is located;
  • Problems with the VPS control panel – please let us know if you can’t reboot, reinstall, stop/start your VPS through the VPS control panel. We’ll be happy to investigate possible issue to make sure this functionality works well for you and our other customers;
  • Problems with OS templates we provide. We spent hundreds of hours building and testing our OS templates to make sure they can be deployed with no problems. In the event if we missed something and you’ve experienced general problems with our OS templates please open a support ticket and provide details about the errors and or possible lack of or excessive functionality you found in the OS of your choice.

Pretty much everything else is within direct control of the VPS owner and as such is not supported by us.

What is not covered by RFE Hosting support:

Only the above listed items are covered. Everything else including but not limited to the following items is not covered:

  • Software (Apache, named, ftp, MTA, etc) configuration inside your VPS;
  • Stability and availability of the software running inside your VPS. I.e. if your MySQL isn’t starting due to configuration errors, permission problems, etc this would be something for you to resolve;
  • Problems with user accounts such as inability to login due to wrong passwords, incorrect service configuration, etc;
  • Problems with web related applications like CMSs, forums, blogs, etc;
  • Programming issues. We do not provide coding support regardless of the programming language used in your applications/services;
  • We do not offer end-user support for your clients;
  • We do not offer telephone or chat support;
  • We do not offer monitoring of your VPS and/or any services that you might have running inside your VPS.

List of the items above is provided as an example of what we do not offer, it is not complete and could be updated at any time. Generally speaking we do not provide support for anything and everything except what is listed in the “what is covered” section.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions regarding our support coverage, or our services in general please open a support ticket or send us an email on support @ RFEHosting.com.

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