6 Essential Components of a Great Small Business Website


        In today’s world, most businesses have a website. It is now easier than ever to get online and make a website with just a few hours of work. This is good news because it means you can advertise your small business cheaply and practically on the internet no matter what your budget or your schedule. However, it can be challenging as well because of the amount of competition. So how can you set your business apart from the rest? Here are a few of the most important aspects of a great website.

Simple Layout

        Having a simple layout to your website that is navigable and easy on the eyes is a big deal. This can mean the difference between a potential customer and someone who takes one look at your website and turns it off. You do not want your customers to be confused or overwhelmed, especially by your home page.

About Us Page

        Having an “about us” page is equally essential. There are few other ways for your audience to get to know you, your employees, your method, or your message short of an in-depth about us page.

Contact Us Page

        Furthermore, how are your customers meant to contact you with questions or orders for your products without easy-to-find information about your address, phone number, and email address? These should all be found together in a concise list.

Frequently Updated Blog

        To boost your website’s search engine ratings, teach your customers about what you do, and interest both customers and colleagues, make sure your website has a blog that is not only easy to find but frequently updated.

Clear Description of Products/Services

        Having a page with a short—or long, if necessary—description of what your product does and/or how it works is highly advisable, not only because it is practical and useful to your customers, but because it can make your website seem more professional and informative.

Cost Effective Hosting

        Finally, having cost-effective, professional, quality hosting is a necessity for literally every website out there. For information and professional help with this aspect, visit RFE Hosting at our website today.

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